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how to protect the hair from the sun
Article publié le 18/07/2018
The dust, the rays of the sun. since it is more vulnerable to uv radiation, the white hair are more may become dry, rough and yellow.
use of remedial care: "rich in keratin hair masks that will make your hair less porous and more resistant to attack from outside.

implement protective care moisturizing mist, the sun light and are deposited on the root lengths and show up before each exposure to the sun to protect the fiber radius.
spraying protective heat treatment: if you have the habit of making blow dries or blowouts, use a heat protector spray on wet hair before drying.

the adoption of déjaunissants curly human hair wigs uk products: have the brightness of your routine with a special capillary length white hair. it is, more often than not, shampoos and enhanced care purple pigment. use once or twice a week in summer.
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part in the middle of your hair down
Article publié le 17/07/2018

many are already fell for it. because it has the advantage of being suitable for all types of hair. you have a hair stiff or long or short, curly hair, parted in the middle is completely flexible. on the other hand, it is to remember if you have extremely fine hair in order to avoid the side form. the faces round will also turn the cup "the contours of the face.

i used to look on the line, circle or wavy hair, use a curling iron of larger diameter to do hair, wavy, very sexy. in contrast, trying to smooth his hair in the seventies, the extreme for a hair hippie chic! clenching them using a flat iron for use on dry hair. you can spice up your hair a headband to accentuate your side anymore.

on hair parted in the middle
on the hair, parted in the middle, you look serious. it is an invaluable ally to work, interview, or to play the students interested, while keeping the style trend and sophisticated. draw your hair parted in the middle and put in a ponytail. first read the hair buy human hair wigs uk and get it before him. new idea of hairstyling, hair half height. advice to the ponytail, hair smooth, and plated.

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the tutorial to easily make a hair bi-material
Article publié le 27/06/2018

Today, the trend is to short and degraded cuts. "It's about these that you should turn if you like to follow the hair trends and if you want to showcase your face.The long cuts of the autumn-winter 2013 are also perfect to enhance your face. essential is, once again, that your hair is degraded ".

Our tip: The boyish cut is ideal this season because it can be adapted to each face. Go to the hair salon to ask your hairdresser for advice and that your cut suits you perfectly.

Make a hair bi-material

Find here the tutorial to easily make a hair bi-material:
Step 1 :
Once your hair washed, make a soft brushing. Remember to protect your hair with a thermo-protective spray. The product is applied to wet hair, even before turning on the dryer. buy lace wigs

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To comb your hair with an XXL scarf
Article publié le 27/06/2018

It is recommended to bet on a hairstyle easy to realize and without too much embellishment. Indeed, the majority of the hair is hidden by the scarf, it is useless to put too much attention in your hairstyle full wig uk On the show Dries Van Noten, the focus is on the front of the hairstyle, at the level of the face.

Thus, each of the models wears a retro fringe, notched. The half-lengths and points are left to the natural. This is the ideal option because the scarf surrounds your hair, avoid paying them special attention, it would be useless.

After washing your hair, trace your low line to the side. Be sure to leave a lash on your forehead. To style your hairstyle, it is on this wick that it will be necessary to bet.

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The african braid, seen on the podiums
Article publié le 23/06/2018

The winter months are rarely synonymous with bohemian hairstyles or ethnic inspirations. These are rather reserved for the summer months. Yet, for the winter of 2014, the parades showed some hairy surprises. This is the case on the Fendi podium, in Milan, where African braids rub shoulders with punk ridges. A pretty successful mix! Decryption.


During the brand's show, the attention of the beautystas was focused on the punk crest. As original as impassable for a day's work, it is no less fascinating. Once the secret was unveiled - it was a hairpiece - the attention turned to the plaits braid displayed by the models. Feminine and elegant, it is the hairstyle to favor when you want your hair <a href="">lace front wigs uk cheap</a> to hold up a whole day. Here, rather than a few locks of hair attached in the form of braid plated, it is the totality of the hair of the mannequins which is displayed in the form of African braid.


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