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Which Email Marketing Services Are right for you?
Article publié le 15/10/2018

There are basically two types of bulk email service, these are; The basic services, and the Advanced Services- both are quite ideal , you might have to consider their Pros and Cons in order to make a decision.

Basic smtp server service will provide you with the basic tools that you need for your marketing strategy, with the basic package, you can send emails, Build sign-up forms, and track the results of your campaign. The advanced email campaign services goes beyond building a list and sending emails, this type of email campaign services build “Behavioural emails”, and as well as split-test auto-responder services while following some certain rules. Advanced email campaign services provide several other advanced features you can’t find on basic packages.

 Pros and Cons of Basic email marketing services 

 Basic email campaign services is ideal for beginners, it offers great deliverability and excellent value for your investment. These services are quite cheap.

• You get a free starter account for broadcast only,

• Access to a pre-designed template with drag and drop editors,

•Free Social Media Integration,

• Excellent Analytics reports which include, current Tweet trends, revenue charts, social analytics, and Goal tracking.

• Sign up form split testing, 

• Easy list segmentation.

• The main disadvantages of Basic email marketing services is that you might be limited to 500 people on your email lists. Limited services will also limit your effectiveness.

    Pros and Cons of Advanced email marketing services

• These services provide all-in-one solution such as emails, shopping carts and affiliate system,

• Third party add-ons and services are allowed,

• You can track the behavior of your website visitors to enhance your email campaign,

• Click bank integration is provided,

• Split-testing auto-responders are always available,

• Drag and Drop Landing Page creator for a personalized effect are provided.

• Automated Postcards, text messages, and Voicemail messages can be sent. 

•  The only disadvantage with Advanced email marketing services is that they are quite expensive- prices may start from 200$ and above depending on the service provider or software.

Looking for better email service with affordable pricing? 

Then visit  http://www.bulkresponse.com/pricing.php

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Joining BulkResponse? Read my review first before you make a decision
Article publié le 11/10/2018

Experiencing an email blast service was something I always wanted to do. But I did not know which  email marketing service should be chosen in order to reach the goals I wanted  for my business. Came across many email marketing service providers , but I wanted my money productive . After going through the BulkResponse features on its website , I decided to try it once  and  later was of the opinion that  it worked somehow. Convinced by the efficiency , I chose to write this review . Its not that expensive too , see http://bulkresponse.com/pricing.html .




Email template designing- They provide you with 100 professional email templates , you can chose which ever you like in this regard. Images can be added too along with videos and coupons . BulkResponse offers you to create unlimited email campaigns given that you can manage them.


Spam checker- Before the email is sent to the subscriber , its content is first checked to verify that it does not contain any material which takes the mail to the junk box or the mail gets flagged. Thus BulkResponse  ensures that the email reaches the subscriber .The email wouldn't get spammed .


Open and Click Reporting- If the email is bounced due to some reasons then it is automatically re-sent . BulkResponse has unlimited auto responders  . In order to see how many subscribers have opened the mail and at what time is your subscriber mostly online , the open and click reporting feature provides you all the relative information.  But the exact number of people cannot be viewed instantly because it takes time with that. You can easily remove the unnecessary subscribers too and this actually is what made me reach the real subscribers who were serious about deal-making.


Multi-email client testing- BulkResponse offers you to send emails to holders of different account holders such as Yahoo, MSN, AOL , Gmail and Outlook. Every type of email account is reached by BulkResponse.


Email Deliver ability- 95% delivery is  made to the major set of ISPs through BulkResponse, that means your mail has least chances to reach the spam folder. As you know that good email delivery is very much important for your email marketing , this will open your import rates enormously .


Import your lists without verification- If you visit other best smtp provider providers , they do not allow you to import your lists without verification but bulk response makes a difference by allowing you to do so.  


Dependable customer support- BulkResponse blog offers complete support through-out the email campaign. In every manner, they would support you, and in return you are convinced much to support them through your reviews. They are always available through chat on their web site, apart from that; direct calls can be made through phone or through Skype and ofcourse email is also what you can do while facing any difficulty or if you want them to solve your problem . What BulkResponse does is  that it  imports , creates , monitors and optimizes your campaigns for you according to your desire. There is a dedicated email server for all the email delivery and to my amazement the data centre is in USA, my country I mean.

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BulkResponse.com Provides Affordable SMTP Relay Service Options To Businesses
Article publié le 10/10/2018
BulkResponse.com uses best mass email service options for bulk emailing which makes the entire cost 3X lesser. This is one of the most cheapest options available in the market if you are planning to send newsletters or promotions on a large scale. SMTP is the right choice particularly for the email marketing service providers who deliver what they promise. BulkResponse.com ensures that the email reaches the right target audience given that the involvement of the SMTP servers enable them to deliver Bulk emails without landing up in the junk mail box or without making it marked as spam.

You can compare the results and overview them overtime all due to its effective tracking mechanism designed to give you an overview regarding your campaign. It is due to the smtp email server offered by BulkResponse.com that the bounce back activity reported is extremely minimal. The BulkResponse.com users have noticed extremely effective email delivery service as a result.

SMTP mail servers are easy to setup and have delivered good results to many email marketing service providers, this is one of the many reasons Bulkresponse.com uses it as a medium for email marketing. According to latest research about 67.7% people are active on smartphones and thus would chose templates on their phones, BulkResponse.com uses SMTP to provide mobile friendly templates which makes it extremely convenient to choose from.

When a comparison is drawn between email marketing done through SMTP servers and other alternatives, the delivery rate observed was phenomenal for the SMTP server emails delivered. Email Marketing Service Providers who failed at getting results delivered, when moved to this alternative, got more new customers as a result of using SMTP servers for bulk emailing.

Bulkresponse.com ‘Email Marketing Guide’ keeps you updated with latest email marketing trends and offers you the latest solutions for email marketing. Thereby, the users of BulkResponse.com can setup new email marketing goals for their business each time a new email marketing is introduced in the market. The up to date services used for bulk emailing and the ability to monitor and evaluate the campaign is what makes BulkResponse.com stand out among many other service providers.

SMTP servers provide complete email marketing solutions and are really cheap for users to consider yearly subscription plans. The fast email delivery service is the reason why this email marketing service provider is chosen among other service providers for bulk emailing.

For More information regarding Bulkresponse’s smtp relay feature please visit

email marketing blog is the only Bulk Email Program along with Mass Email Marketing services which allows it's users to import unlimited contacts. Since 2003, core team of Bulk Response has been providing email marketing services to a large number of email marketing agencies across the globe, mostly in background. Throughout this time, we have improved and matured our email marketing skills and are now considered to be the most reputed email marketing service providers in the industry.

Our commitments to our clients are rock solid. That is one of the primary reason why we drive our majority of business through repeat clients. We serve small and medium corporations mostly from USA, UK, Germany France and other EU countries.
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Article publié le 08/10/2018

Bulk emails go into the spam, or get blocked. Why? Well, if you have low open rates, your emails get flagged by spam filters, or at times situation gets worse and results in permanent blocking. Either way, it not only wastes time and money, but is also useless.
As we send millions of mails every day, so we have been observing email deliverability trends based on data we receive from these email campaign services. We analyzed thousands of email campaigns, found interesting insight about email deliverability.
Here are some of the thoughts:


Don’t act spammy because you are not a spammer. Most of the marketers don’t stick to one general tactic and keep switching from one to another. They keep changing their IPs, domains and their service providers very often. They want to achieve everything overnight. However, great things don’t come in handy. Creating good relations with the customers takes a lot of time. Service providers know what they are dealing with so you better let them do their job. Stick to one service provider and stop switching now and then.


Even if you are not getting the expected results, never stop, keep emailing every day, without any pause. Your service provider knows things that you don’t know, so you need not to feel down, eventually you will start getting the expected results. They go with a certain flow that you might not understand. They keep on using tactics to improve the progress at backend. All you need to do is to trust them and let them handle things their way – they will make you happy in due course.


Your sender name becomes your identity. Your IPs build your identity in market, same as your company name or your own name does. Do you ever want to change your name that has been your identity? Of course not!! Try to keep the same thought about your sender name and sender ID.


A study reveals that over 10% of your emails are meant to go to spam, and only less than 44% of the total emails are delivered! So, get to know the importance of list cleaning, and enhance your email relay service.

With a clean list of active subscribers, who are engaged with your messages, your sender reputation improves, your emails get delivered to inboxes directly, bounce rate decreases and your open and click-through rates improve. If your emails are able to land in more inboxes, you have a higher chance to generate more leads, and ultimately generate more revenue for your business.

In addition to that, with a clean email list, you can segment your email list as active and inactive. This can help you send targeted emails to active leads and not putting in much effort on inactive email addresses.


In email marketing, reputation is king. The domain and subdomains that you send from are one of the factors that impact your reputation, and just like in real life. Switching domains can affect not only the delivery rate but also your reputation. Stick to the same domains as long as you can.


Cold list is a dead list. You need to warm up to the level where it produces good result.

Here is a good way to warm up slowly and steadily.

Day1: email 5000 subscribers every day.
Day2: email 10,000 subscribers every day.
Keep doing that for 5 days consecutively.
Next Jump: email 20,000 subscribers every day.
Keep doing that for a week on daily basis.
Next Jump: email 50,000 subscribers every day.
Keep doing that for another week.
Next Jump: email 70,000 to 100,000 subscribers every day.

All you need to do is to keep emailing consistently for a month, and BHAM!! You are already warmed up. Don’t miss a single day. It might take 2 to 3 months to get fully warmed up ESPs IP addresses.

CONCLUSION: Email can be a powerful tool for reaching and building relationships with your customer base—but only if your audience actually receives the messages that you send. So, when you’re starting to plan out your email marketing strategy for 2018, make customer satisfaction a priority. PLUS don’t think about fast results when it comes to bulk emailing. It works slow and steady and you will consistently work your way out if you keep emailing consistently and don’t change tactics every day.

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Article publié le 05/10/2018

“Blast” is a word that makes us cringe whenever it is heard. You might be hearing or reading it every single day in the best email marketing service and deliverability field. However, there are two words that should never be uttered around, and those words are “email blast.” Whenever the word “blast” is used in reference to emails, it creates images of unwanted bulk emails that are being sent invasively, jamming thousands of inboxes at a time.

If you want to create a significant relationship with your customers, it’s very obvious that clogging their inboxes is not the way to go. So instead of using the term “email blast,” let’s think of its replacement. Avoiding to use “blast” for your emails gets you in the right frame of mind. Your emails should be like a pleasant conversation among friends. First, you get their permission to enter into a dialogue, then you offer interesting and informative content, and finally, you listen to their responses and feedback. When you use this approach for your email marketing, you will get much better results. 

Here are just a few of the old, should-be-dead email marketing tactics that “email blast” brings to mind:

No segmentation, targeting or personalization: “Blasting” suggests that you’re sending the same best smtp server out to all your subscribers. That there’s no personalization, even in the subject line. No dynamic content, and no way for subscribers to let you know which topics they’re interested in. This is not a recommended email marketing practice. The most successful email marketers segment their lists. 

Blast sounds like you’re assaulting your subscribers: Rather than giving people content they would be interested in, “blasts” sounds like we’re all but firing our messages out to people. Attacking them with our bulkresponse. No good marketer wants to do that. If people don’t want your emails, let them go.

Blast sounds like cheap content: Anything you’d “blast” is something that didn’t have a lot of work put into it. You don’t re-use or save something that’s been blasted. Calling emails “blasts” insinuates that emails are low-value content. Granted, some emails are low-value content. But those aren’t the emails any of us wants to be sending, especially if we want a decent ROI from email marketing.

Blast sounds like email marketing spam: Using the word blast says a lot about how you view email marketing. And because so many of us are so very touchy about being characterized as spammers even using a word that leans toward sounding like spam bothers us. Remember that there are always two definitions of spam. There’s the email marketers’ definition and then there’s the consumer definition. The consumer definition of spam is simple and complete: its email they don’t want.

Nobody wants to be blasted: “Blast” also says a lot about how you view your subscribers. Are they people, or targets? Describing anything you send to an audience as a blast devalues them and you.

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