Valentino Sale not burn the client
Article publié le 07/08/2018

Hi! I am Liz Muller from Liz's Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida. We were speaking about how we are going to straighten Nicky's hair and sometimes the roots are not quite done or the person does not have a relaxer in their hair. AfricanAmerican hair could be relaxed or it could be natural; and if it is not relaxed or if it is natural or the roots need to be done we use a straightening comb to the hair. And just by pushing into the hair like this, putting the comb real close to the roots, her hair has been relaxed; so I do not need to bring it all the way straight down. I just want to use it in the areas that have not been relaxed to give it a really straight look, to make those roots real straight. Because she needs a relaxer we put it in a stove like this and we heat it up. Okay and we actually test these irons like, as I said, we want to test the pressing combs all the time because you can burn the hair off and you can make the hair melt. We do not want something like that to happen so we always test our irons, taking the iron out and putting it here close to the towel, going back and forth like this. And then we are going to proceed to go ahead and put it in the hair always checking making sure the iron is not too hot for the client and you do Valentino Sale not burn the client.

"Google opposed the idea but the courts overruled it, which is why going for Peston and the BBC was actually a brilliant move. We're a small island here with a national broadcaster, paid for by the State but rigorously independent. Peston is one of our leading journalists," Clapperton said. "He of all people was bound to make one hell of an unholy fuss when his valid work was airbrushed out of history, and he has a major platform from which to make his disquiet felt."

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"We're proud to be able to take care of eCommerce clients of all sizes with maximum performance, up to and including the largest enterprise clients," Chris Wells, president and CEO of Nexcess said in a statement. "Coupled with our long experience in Magento Valentino hosting, the inhouse expertise we've developed over the years, and our phenomenal support team, we can confidently say that Nexcess should be first on the list for anyone that's serious about hosting a Magento site right."

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