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Loops 70s: views on the catwalk
Article publié le 19/06/2018

No need to repeat it, you have certainly remembered it: fashion is an eternal beginning. Do you make fun of the outfits and hairstyles of your parents? Do not worry anymore, you will adopt them! The hairstyles seen on the podium Anna Sui are the typical example: headband and retro buckles are on all models. And will accompany you everywhere in 2014!


During the 70's, the style of dress became rather unisex. This is why women have sought to differentiate themselves by their hairstyles. XXL length hair, round curls, headband influenced by hippies: if the outfits do not necessarily feminize, the beauty-look, if! Forty years ago, the hair was mostly very long <a href="">uk lace front wigs</a>, but nowadays this trend is also suitable for shorter cuts, which are particularly popular. The essential lies in the curls of your hairstyle!

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Make the wrinkled effect
Article publié le 19/06/2018
The ideal is to bring a styling mousse. Take a nut of product and apply it on your hair. Then, blow dry while working on your hair with a wick. Hold each strand in your hands, heat, scrunch, and release. All of your hair should be worked this way uk lace wigs. This is the only technique that guarantees you a lasting effect. The powder can also be a solution but it will certainly make retouches in the day. The rolled square seen on the parade Badgley Mischka, the opinion of the pro Hairstyle worthy of the 50s, the rolled square appears on the heads in search of a feminine hairstyle and sophisticated. Such a hairstyle requires having mid-length hair, at least. The pros give their opinions and techniques to imitate this hairstyle. The hairstyle on the Badgley Mischka show is not ideal when you want it all day long. "While the front of the hairstyle is particularly worked, the back, at the nape of the neck, is not really fixed.Here not fixed, the hair will not hold in place very long. you will have to edit at regular intervals in the day.
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fix your hair, if your hair is curly
Article publié le 09/11/2017
fix your hair, if your hair is curly step 1: get your hair fix your hair, if your hair is curly, or you want a glueless lace wigs human hair uk hair net. on the contrary, to the wave lengths with a spray if you prefer an outcome is unclear and bohemian. step 2: tie line if your hair is medium length, realize two what's "pony tail" high mounted one above the other. authorized by the highest, that of the ukgluelesslacewigs extension hair a few inches below. if you have good laps, you can either make a ponytail is high, located in the middle of the head or bottom of the head according to the desired result. step 3: creating the story assemble the two tails of the horse to form a if you have used the trick mentioned in step 2. fasten the ponytail every three centimetres to create bubbles. if you wish, use a lock around the elastic cover. then open the floor to provide a dead finger. finish by a veil of lacquer.
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