Kess V5.017 Master EU version Red PCB VS Kess V5.017 green PCB
Article publié le 28/09/2017
Kess V5.017 Master EU version Red PCB VS Kess V5.017 green PCB

Connect the Kess V5.017 ISID to read the fault code and read the following error code:

S0398 ---- power management, battery status: battery damage or aging;

101404 ---- throttle, throttle adjustment: no implementation of spring test and emergency air point test;

100A04 ---- throttle, throttle potentiometer 1 and 2: double fault;

118802 ---- mixed gas regulation: three yuan catalytic converter after the waste is too thin;

128301 ---- ternary catalytic converter before the oxygen sensor, the system check: the signal has been strong;

12A202 ---- Three-way catalytic converter after the oxygen sensor

Kess V2 V5.017 Euro version with red PCB Features

System check: the signal has been weak;

1C3101 engine oil pressure sensor, reliability: before starting the pressure is too high;

106101 ---- full variable intake system, servo motor 2 control: the positive short circuit;

1B5701 ---- Terminal side K1.15N <01: No voltage.

According to the DME Kess V5.017 data read by the fault code, it is found that the throttle position parameter is 7.15%, and the ignition switch data is turned on and off, and the data of the accelerator pedal is not changed.

Measure the line of the electric throttle regulator, Launch 8 inch diagnosis disconnect the ignition switch, disconnect the wire connector of the electric throttle regulator, turn on the ignition switch, and use the multimeter X431 8 inch voltage difference between the measuring terminal 2 (power supply) and the terminal 6 (ground) Of the voltage, 0V, not normal (normal should be about 5V);

Measure the voltage between the throttle motor terminal 3 (power) and the ground, 0V, not normal (normal should be the battery voltage);

Measure the voltage kess red PCB between terminal 5 and ground to 11.9V, normal.

Through the above measurement shows that there is no power to the electric throttle regulator, measuring the engine control module (DME) to the electric throttle regulator between the wiring harness continuity, are normal.

Iscancar VAG Diagnostic tool 

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Process about MB SD C4 Lan and wifi Connection
Article publié le 14/09/2017

MB SD Connect 4 can program not only by wifi diagnosis but also Lan diagnosis.

Because it has been stored fault, in order to verify the fault phenomenon, MB SD C4 Star diagnosis carried out to delete the fault code on the road test. Each time you start the engine about 5 seconds or so, the time is higher than the normal start time. The engine fault warning lamp lights up after startup. There is no obvious abnormality on the vehicle power. Back to the factory to re-read the fault code, only found a "P00168511 a fault code.


Here is the original post:


    Factors that affect the MB SD C4 time required to start the engine are: fuel pressure, engine mechanical parts (timing, cylinder pressure), engine electronics (sensors, computer control). The fault code is locked on the engine timing and the fault code is guided.

    According to the method shown in Figure 2 Opel Opcom check the timing system, found that the actual position of the intake camshaft timing has been offset, which can basically determine the cause of the car Opel Opcom 2014v is the cause of the intake camshaft caused by displacement The

In order to further repair, then remove the valve compartment cover for proofreading, removed and found that the intake camshaft MB SD C4 signal disc also displacement, check the Opel Opcom v1.95 accessory data that the intake camshaft and signal disk for the interference fit (Figure 3), and for a fitting assembly, it is necessary to replace the intake camshaft and re-calibrate the time.

https://autocardiagnostic.blogspot.com/ you could view this blog if you have interest in auto diagnostic tool

VAS 6154 is a diagnostic interface for VW Audi Skoda



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Several kinds of car ECU introduction
Article publié le 12/09/2017

In accordance with the electrical equipment in the car circuit in the different roles can be roughly divided into the automotive circuit power supply, control devices, electrical appliances, power distribution devices and wires.

 2017 Newest V2.23 KESS V2 Firmware V5.017 Fully Activated for Car Bike Truck Tractor ECU Programming No Tokens Limitation

    1. Car power supply

    Car power from the battery and the kess v2 firmware v 5.017 generator two parts. The battery is powered when the engine is not working or started. After the engine is started, the generator generates electricity to power the electrical equipment and charges the battery.


    2. Control device

    Car circuit control device in the  vas5054a form of control circuit can be divided into switches, relays and electrical control unit. The ignition switch is the most important switch in the car control unit. The relay can be divided into controlled relays and relays controlled by the control unit, depending on the device being controlled. The switch or control unit controls the opening and closing of the relay kess v2 v5.017 contacts by controlling the circuit of the relay coil, thereby controlling the circuit of the appliance. Electronic control unit is the core of the electronic control system. The electric control system includes electric control vas5054a fuel injection system, electronic control automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electric control ECU Programmer ignition system, air conditioning system, anti-theft system. The kess v2 electronic control unit controls the operation of each electronic control system in the best working condition, so as to improve the vehicle power, economy, safety, comfort and reduce the pollutant discharge of the vehicle.


    3. Automotive appliances

    Most of the electrical equipment on the car xtool x100 is electrical appliances. Automotive appliances, including start-up systems, ignition systems, lighting systems, signaling devices, instrumentation and alarm devices, auxiliary appliances, electrical sensors and so on.

    auxiliary electrical With the development of automotive electronic control technology, auxiliary electrical appliances installed in the car more and more, greatly improving the comfort and safety of the car. Such as xtool x100 pad electric windshield wipers, electric window glass lifts, electric seats, anti-theft devices. The luxury of xtool the higher the degree of automation, the more the number of auxiliary appliances.

electrical sensors Automotive electronic control system in the majority of sensors for the electricity sensor. Some sensors need to x100 pad consume power to generate voltage signals, such as Hall-effect sensors, various thermistor sensors, sliding varactor sensors, and some sensors need to consume power to work the environment, such as heating oxygen sensors The





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Xtool x100 pad2 or obdstar tool, which one to choose?
Article publié le 21/08/2017


A 2004 Shanghai General Buick Regal 2.5 sedan, equipped with 4T65E 4-speed electronic control automatic transmission. The XTOOL X100 pad2 describes that the first car in the city driving feeling is still normal, but the speed reaches 110 ~ 120 km / h speed up, the engine speed will suddenly reach 5 000 ~ 6 000 r / min The If xtool diagnostic stabilize the accelerator pedal, the speed can only be maintained between 110 ~ 120 km / h, it is difficult to rise. At this time the engine speed at least 3 000 r / min, if you want to increase the speed to step on the accelerator pedal, then the fault will appear immediately.


Auto diagnosis



The repair shop through overhaul and road test, that the fault lies in the engine system, because the engine electronic control system has always recorded a 2 on the oxygen sensor signal voltage is too low fault code. To this end, Xtool EZ500 HD replace all the oxygen sensors, but the test code still exists. They also found that the ignition system or fuel system is also faulty, and then EZ500 Heavy Duty system replaced the ignition system related components, such as spark plugs, high voltage lines and ignition coil, and cleaning the fuel system, throttle and intake, but also check the exhaust system, but The fault has not improved. Taking into account the user most of the time to work, and the car in the urban traffic is basically normal, so the first to use the user.



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Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer est nouvellement arrivé
Article publié le 17/08/2017

Capteur de température de l'eau après l'utilisation à long terme de Yanhua BMW FEM Keyman, la performance changera, de sorte que l'erreur du signal de température de l'eau, l'injection de carburant, le temps d'allumage et le fonctionnement de la pompe à carburant et d'autres effets indésirables et les paramètres de performance du capteur de température de l'eau changent (pas Court-circuit ou circuit ouvert) Le diagnostic de YH BMW FEM n'est souvent pas reconnu par le système d'autodiagnostic. Par conséquent, ne pas ignorer l'inspection du capteur de température de l'eau lorsque le moteur ne fonctionne pas correctement (par exemple, ne peut pas démarrer, inactif, consommation de carburant, etc.) et le système d'autodiagnostic de panne n'indique pas le code de défaut du capteur de température de l'eau. Http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/bmw-fem-key-programmer.html


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