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How to Select Your Laptop?
Article publié le 07/03/2018

You are planning to buy a new laptop. You are skimming through the net, checking different shopping sites to know what are they offering at this time and what brands are they having. You are also battery iphone 6 the online shopping portal. 
So, how to make the choice a short and easy one? 
The Purpose:

What you want to do with your laptop comes first in consideration before thinking of your budget or the OS.
If it is for your family and also to meet your needs, then keep it light weighted and of small screen size (11-13 inches) with a minimum resolution.

If you are a travelling officer or a student and need the laptop for writing and editing text, manipulating spreadsheets and creating presentations then you should opt for a best screen resolution, a good keyboard and a strong and steady design.
 If you are a player of high-end games, then you should opt for Core i7 processor or of similar type, the highest level graphics card along with a pair strong zwart scherm laptop and high resolution screen.

If you are media professional you need a laptop with a powerful processor, a large and high-res display-either HD or a high resolution and a strong and versatile OS.
If you plan to give your laptop to the kids or want to use it as an extension to your main personal system, the best option is to opt for a low-cost laptop.
Operating System:

After deciding on the purpose for which the laptop will be used, it comes the turn of operating system. I can write few words on this one but I will not because selecting an OS is completely individual’s choice. But as I am your guide I will keep it short and non-preachy.
Windows laptops are offering more choices. It is true Apple’s laptops can also run the Windows OS and thus making these laptops versatile and also attractive. But Apple's laptops are much pricier, as you know. So it will be completely your choice to select your own OS. And please don’t ask anyone which is the best because they can bias you with their views and you can end up buying a laptop which doesn’t meet most of you needs.

Keyboards, Monitors and Batteries:
These three are like Three Musketeers of any laptop. In case of keyboard, you should check whether there is enough space between the keys, the click on mouse is satisfying one or not and there is enough space to let your palm rest on the girth of the laptop. 

You need to select the monitor based on the purposes, as discussed in the beginning. Like 17 to 18 inches screen is good for the media personnel. 
Battery is another important fact to be considered while selecting a laptop. You should closely observe your friends laptop to get idea on how much time the laptop of that specified brand is taking to have the full charge. This observation can help you to decide on selecting your laptop.

Best Brand to Purchase: 
Now you have considered all the main facts. But there remains the main and the primary one. It is the computer herstellingen.  You have, already, selected few brands and are now thinking which will be the best. I will consult you to visit http://www.mmstore.be/ .They have a huge range of branded and different configured laptops. They also have in their item list various SmartPhones, iPhones and Tablets. The site is only based on these items. So it will be easy for you to purchase a laptop from here as they mainly focus on providing you the best laptop you can own.

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