Self drilling anchor bolt system
SDA rock bolt can reach the purpose of supporting
Article publié le 15/12/2017
By doing pressure grouting, SDA rock bolt can help to reinforce the broken rock mass, improve the rock mass and prevent the corrosion from underground water and then reach the purpose of supporting. It ensures a fast and efficient method of application with a superior strength and rigidity. SDA rock bolt stabilizes a section or block of retained ground by installing closely spaced grouted steel rods into the exposed face as the excavation proceeds downwards. This approach provides a flexible, cost-effective and efficient earth retention solution. The rows of SDA rock bolt is connected to structural shotcrete at the exposed face of excavation. A trustworthy brand also provides exemplary customer service. As a rock bolt supplier Sinorock puts its name on the SDA rock bolt manufacturing. Sinorock takes great pride in making your SDA rock bolt buying simple and fast. Security of supply is delivered to our customers through a strong portfolio of manufacturing and distribution assets strategically located across the world. Sinorock value of no accidents today underpins our commitment to the safety, health and wellbeing of our people and customers, the environment, and the communities in which we operate. Sinorock consistently meets our customers’ needs for rapid turnaround and delivery.
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Self drilling rock anchoring system is reliable, easy to use and efficient
Article publié le 06/12/2017

In today’s construction industry self drilling rock anchoring system shows its superiority more and more, which can adapt to a variety of complex geological conditions and construction environment, particularly in the soft soil and sand gravel stratum. Self drilling rock anchoring system has great supporting effect and ensures project’s security and long-term stability. The self drilling ground anchor is unique anchoring system and fulfills current and increasing demands of the tunneling industry and ground engineering for safer and faster production. Self drilling ground anchor is widely used in hydropower station, dam, bridge base, tunneling, mining, railway construction and civil construction in recent years. It is reliable, easy and efficient in the installation and application.

Sinorock is continually looking for ways to develop drilling and anchoring processing technology for self drilling ground anchor industry, hope to be a world leading company about quality and prices of rock drill tools, expansive cement and hydraulic splitting machine within 5 years. Sinorock has established a comprehensive service system. It includes 7*24 hours on line consultation, great products packaging and professional after-sales service. We wish to get your deep interest and to be your best partner.

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Self drilling bolt can improve the ring to the compressive strength
Article publié le 27/11/2017

The self drilling bolt for support is a way of reinforcement which applied in geotechnical slope in deep foundation pit, tunnel construction and so on. Through the axial force of self drilling bolt, it will be in a certain range of rock mass stress state of surrounding rock by one-way or two-way compressed into three to compression, so as to improve the ring to the compressive strength and the compression zone can withstand its own weight, and can absorb a certain amount of external load, can effectively control the deformation of the surrounding rock, the mountain form a whole and the stability of the surrounding rock belt, prevent surrounding rock weathering, the unstable slope of the mountain is well technical processing measures.

Sinorock self drilling bolt products are fully threaded, the SDA bolt with continuous outside thread suitable for attaching bits and couplings, which also forms a superb mortar connection. They are supplied with couplings, anchor plates and nuts, and five bit designs are available. The ability of Sinorock SDA bolt can provide effective solutions without the need for additional casing operations enables designers, developers and contractors to construct foundations quickly and economically.

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Self drilling anchor bolt system is commonly utilized to provide anchorage
Article publié le 18/11/2017
Hollow injection bolts are short, low capacity reinforcement, comprising a bar fixed into the rock and, if required, tensioned to a predetermined load. Making the right choice about which techniques to use in slope stabilization and support depends on the exact knowledge of the potential failure mechanisms, ground movement rates and the geometry of the failure. For this reason, a rock anchoring procedure needs to be carried out, assessing the danger, vulnerability and degree of exposure. Self drilling anchor bolt system is commonly utilized to provide anchorage, in tension, for guy lines used to support electrical transmission equipment. It can also be used to provide a stable surface upon which equipment can be mounted. Sinorock hollow injection bolts are a guarantee of quality for our clients. Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt system has fully threaded rod sections and combines both operations into a single construction cycle, enabling high rates of production, continuous thread ensures that rods can be cut and coupled at any point. It can be installed into loose or collapsing soils without the need for a temporary. Due to the reliable products and the perfect service Sinorock has taken large share of the self drilling anchor bolt system market.
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Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt is versatile in various applications
Article publié le 15/11/2017

Comparatively small-scale drilling equipment can be used to install the self drilling anchor bolt as micropiles in tight spaces or with limited headroom. With little vibration or noise, the drilling process itself causes minimal stress on the surrounding structures. In diverse ground conditions, from gravel, sand, or clay, or on sites with insufficient structural integrity, the self drilling anchor bolt is versatile in the application, quick and reliable in the installation, and compatible with conventional drilling equipment. Once installed, it is an effective means of preventing settlement and helping to increase soil stability.

Self drilling anchor bolt is the key product of Sinorock. It is made of reinforced steel whose charm has appealed for hundreds of years. It is widely considered the most important anchoring product in geological engineering and the greatest helper in the civil constructions. It can be used as anchor bar if needed, for it can combine drilling, anchoring and grouting together. To be one of the consolidated rock bolts suppliers in mining and industrial related productivity solutions. We are committed to maintaining the highest safety, health and environmental standards and are certified to the ISO 9001; 2008 management system.

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Self drilling anchor bolt system
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Self drilling anchor bolt system is an irreplaceable solution when facing the problem of reinforcement in construction projects.
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