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 as a temple, affirmative hold negative but so do dungans.", no matter who occupied the shanxi means to solve the military supplies, personnel transportation supplement and proceeds to raise questions.On January 13, 1938, jen pi-shih in xinhua daily published the memories of the war of resistance in shanxi, then wrote the communist party of shanxi strategic understanding: "the enemy to complete its military occupation of north China, must take shanxi; all remain in the hands of our military, such as shanxi plateau is available to commanding, by the northern section of the taihang mountains extend PingHan SuiDong period of peace, the threat of the new balance 620 baratas enemy in north China tianjin military stronghold, the enemy to attack south into and to the suiyuan PingHan feel difficult. It is against will compete for the strategic position of shanxi."Four days later, on January 17, the communist party founded in wuhan "xinhua daily" published on the newspaper editorial "consolidate shanxi position" : "consolidate shanxi positions, are a strategy in order to make shanxi all the... such as the Japanese aggressors, he not only can settle in north China, and can be connected to the northeast and north China, cause swallowed up the whole of China resources base areas; and all the Japanese aggressors in shanxi, north to partition in Inner Mongolia, west is west, north and south Vietnam, the enemy of the longhai west of the Yellow River wuhan can be straight."Obviously, all this confirms MAO zedong in 1937 on September 12th to 29th, to lead the eighth route army dongdu Yellow River to the battle field of intimate and peng dehuai prediction in the telegraph: "after the loss in hebei, shandong will lost without fighting, Chinese position will soon become guards the Yellow River, canal two line."In the cables, against the red army was only

 people, on August 25, 1937 were collected as the national revolutionary army the eighth route army, led by the reds only have Lin biao, nie rongzhen, 115 t, he long, shaw led 120 t, 129 t three divisions, xiangqian lead liu reality, MAO zedong set of the eighth route army combat to: "the whole north China work, should be in guerrilla warfare, for the only direction, north China if such as failure, our irresponsible; but if it fails in guerrilla warfare, we must take full responsibility."Against the Japanese army has always been a good occupation of big cities and the surrounding traffic line "dotted line" tactics, MAO zedong in the heart of the instructions in Shanxi Province is divided into four directives: in the northeast, southwest of northwestern shansi, southeast new balance 574 comprar shanxi, jin;And asked "I to four regional strategy, toward marched in central city and the traffic will surrounded by the enemy of the tao to take every situation" (the above quotations are from "the selected works of MAO zedong's military").Zhu DE's attitudes towards this task?Book "zhu DE readme", on November 6, 1937 to a letter he wrote to his ex-wife Chen Yuzhen letter: "recently moved to north China, within January 29th March, is about to come there."He urges Chen Yuzhen next to their own independent, don't rely on him, also do not want to see him, because "HuGuoJun hope you don't leave the time to see me, nor to revolution, look at me".Filled with a strong man will not come back a means of tragedy.

Bo yibo was by zhu DE mobilization to southeast shanxi at this time.In reputation cover Chinese name hang down later, bo yibo recalled he and zhu DE first met: "in late September 1937, I led the young heroine JueSiDui, on the way from five to YuXian, meet the commander in chief zhu. He is led the troops to open up anti-japanese base areas in the northeast of jin. Suddenly the meet, I was overjoyed."At this time of zhu DE's image, and sure enough, unlike HuGuoJun era, is also different from the revolution era.In the era of HuGuoJun and revolution era, zhu DE is quite terrible, in one of the mayor of yunnan junjun old photos he wore a woolen cloth uniform, solid black leather boots.It is no wonder that bo yibo almost didn't new balance 420 comprar recognize him: "for many years, in my mind, the commander in chief zhu is a commanding general, awe-inspiring hero. After meet, I am very surprised, he was a farmer type person, approachable, amiable."During the meeting, bo yibo introduced to him he is a team called shanxi youth's enemies JueSiDui of shanxi new army, ready to create the anti-japanese base areas in the wutai mountain.Zhu DE soon given instructions: "the region is a strategic, can threat to Peiping, north south can direct driving in taiyuan, is a can attack, back and defend. The eighth route army want to set up the anti-japanese base areas in the region, you don't here.""I come from yan, chairman MAO talked with me, let us go to plug the army into the enemy,
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Wang for over 30 years of glorious history is written off."Chen Gongbo calling from chengdu cable, also advised wang ching-wei said: "if Mr From chongqing to nationwide protests and spit on."In Wu Xiangxian Wang Guyu, zhu DE once lived commemoration museum courtyard houses fall has been changed to the eighth route army headquarters.Wang Guyu is a narrow valley, valley stream flows through the village, beside streams, is the highway, is only the Gregorian calendar in June, the air is dry, a coal trucks a car drove by, lifts a yellow gray dust on the road.Hundreds of meters south, new balance 1300 baratas v across the bridge, there is a massive poplar strains, poplar northeast have a was fixed, the pavilion neutral with a "commander-in-chief zhu DE plant personally poplar monument".The villagers said, this is a "red star" Yang.When it is said that at the time to plant trees, commander in chief zhu from coat pocket and a GongWuXing gently into the bottom of the pit, and then planted a tree Yang Shumiao on it.A few years later, the tree grew up, it was found that section is always a star shaped after broken branches.That may mean at that time, zhu DE, in the position in the local people and the inscription on display indicating the date of zhu DE in the area: "the spring of 1938, the eighth route army headquarters and the central committee of the communist party of China joined Wu Xiang BeiFangJu, in September 1939 in WangGuYuCun."This date and shanxi people's publishing house published in 1987 in "shanxi memorabilia: 1840 ~ 1985" records and bo yibo in the reputation cover Chinese name hang down later in the memory is not very consistent.On August, 1938, journal of shanxi memorabilia

 such records: this month, a daredevil column in QinXian Westwood opened three classes, each three months, a daredevil column row above cadres and a large number of excellent administrative personnel participated in the training in turn.Chu teh, commander in chief, deputy chief of staff ZuoQuan three times a week about guerrilla tactics and infantry fighting doctrine.In bo yibo memory, the whole of August 1938, zhu DE is riding a horse in Wang Guyu and he led the young heroine of a daredevil QinXian column is located.Bo yibo waitingOn August 25, 1938, the day bo new balance 1500 baratas yibo maybe a shilling town woods stood in front of the dirt road early, waiting for the Zhu Dechi horse.For the 8th route army commander-in-chief zhu DE, on August 25, the day was a busy day.On this day, is the eighth route army was set up in a week.Shanxi memorabilia: 1840 ~ 1985, according to this day morning, zhu DE issued against national book, this is a very like performance summary report, in this paper, detailed account: over the past year, the eighth route army more than 600 times, the Japanese war with the Japanese killed more than 34000 people, under the Japanese, 2000.On these Numbers, "shanxi memorabilia" interpreted as "to the eighth route army 'swim and not blow, led the reimbursement of without warfare' insulting word, to be strong refutation".Obviously, author of shanxi memorabilia, will this announcement and in early 1938, Chen duxiu accused the kmt-cpc cooperation of the communist party's "swim but not strike" speech.But this post is not clearly show any words related to Chen duxiu's views, perhaps for zhu DE, Chen duxiu "the scholar spirit" do not need to hang in the heart.

In fact, since November 8, 1937 taiyuan fall, he has been busy in shanxi anti-japanese guerrilla zones and base areas.To open up the anti-japanese base areas in shanxi, form "in the Great Wall of defense" is MAO's strategic decision.After the fall of taiyuan, shanxi as the anti-japanese front in the national spotlight everyone knows that the shanxi positions, strengthened relations with the north China Anti-Japanese War not only, more relationship with the national war.Since ancient times, shanxi has always been a town known as the "land of centers, list was", Shanxi Province is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, east hebei, the north side was nike air presto 4 2014made in the region, south to henan, shaanxi west loam and barrier to the seat of the communist party's central shaanxi.Province of the mountains, is into can attack and retreat and defend easy to keep difficult tapping strategic position.Shanxi Province with abundant resources and convenient transportation, 12 million, the province's population is rich in wheat, millet, has the rich mineral deposits such as coal, iron, sulfur, with pu railway linking the north and south, still with PingHan rail, as those described in the poem: "in the arms of shanxi, hebei left shoulder. Shandong fundus, henan in nose. The Great Wall after the desert
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new balance 373 baratas
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report is the intentions were issues directly."Battle to battle the truth, however, what is the purpose of the battle? To country can survive independently. If we can achieve this purpose, with Japan and also can yet be regarded as a means. Blindly advocate scorched earth resistance, the rhetoric should be be honest, to tell you the truth. In my opinion, increasing the Japanese occupation, the loss of most important harbor and traffic routes, fiscal and increasingly scarce, gasping in the war of forty thousand people and destruction in the suffering of suffering. To end the war as soon as possible, I have been to the generalissimo states, to open the door to negotiations."When Chiang kai-shek invited its discussion Gao Zongwu report, at this time of the wang ching-wei still urged by Chiang kai-shek to savoury with Japan.But in the center of the power tnew balance 373 baratas  o Chiang kai-shek and finally make a decision on the contrary, wang ching-wei finally understand: through party resolution methods, is can't realize his "peace".Gao Zongwu after return to Hong Kong from lung disease relapse, contact Japan task by high wenzhou townsfolk, the KMT central committee MeiSiPing legal system.Japanese contacts, mainly by the alliance's then agency Shanghai bureau and south China bureau chief of Matsumoto heavy cure.From August 29 to September, MeiSiPing with Matsumoto talks for 5 times in a row.In October 1938, the war on counter-balanced by the bad news, after the fall of guangzhou and wuhan.Wang ching-wei use of foreign media interview opportunity, suggests that the national government did not close the door of the mediation for many times, is willing to with peace.While Japan has also conveyed to him by wang ching-wei cronies MeiSiPing again at his mountain views.Wang ching-wei retreat in early August to chongqing

presided over by government.Before and after October, wuhan, guangzhou, one by one, wang ching-wei's comments "and" more open and urgent.On October 12, wang ching-wei to haitong club reporter spoke: "resist aggression in China, at the same time did not shut down a third country mediation gate."After 10 days, namely the fall in guangzhou on the same day, wang ching-wei put forward further in an interview with Reuters: "put forward the Suggestions and conditions such as Japan, don't hinder China national survival, we can accept it, to discuss the basis, otherwise no mediation room."As vice President of the kuomintang (KMT), chairmannew balance 999 precio  of the central political committee, national long wang ching-wei, the political meeting dash out, many people were shocked.Soong ching ling, he xiangning electricity, such as "when the day of guangzhou was abandoned, wang ching-wei told Reuters published Lord and speech, national uncertainty", asked the national government "has to stop, and to the international denied".On October 28, the second time the people's political conference was held in chongqing, patriotic overseas Chinese from Singapore's founder of g cable he Anti-Japanese War ", when a speaker wang ching-wei traditionally proposal subject to all the reading, "was suddenly became pale, when listen to the debate, with very uneasybill only 11 words: "to warrant the traitors officials talk about peace."Since the republic in t, is stimulated the deep".Of defending their stubborn but

 wang ching-wei still said, "prime minister sun often say peace salvation, if talk about peace is the traitors, the thief, then prime minister, is also the traitors kleptocratic".Autumn in Shanghai, no one noticed in a villa in hongkou district east sports club bar is in the secret negotiations.The house in a few months ago was Japanese spy chief vladimiro TuFeiYuanXianEr as secret service to the ground, and renamed "ChongGuang hall".On behalf of wang ching-wei Gao Zongwu, MeiSiPing chiefs China with Japan representative class section chief JinJing Beowulf in this agreement, which is called "ChongGuang hall talks"."ChongGuang hall" talks to include three aspects: one is about the establishment of the new regime headed by wang ching-wei measures;The second is to realize the condition of "peace" between China and Japan;Three is the detailed arrangement wang ching-wei leave the specific measures for new balance 998 comprar kai-shek, the national government.On how to escape from chongqing wang ching-wei, the two sides has drawn up detailed booking action schedule.On November 26th morning, MeiSiPing by Hong Kong fly chongqing report to wang ching-wei, at the Hong Kong airport, to avoid checking, MeiSiPing will deal transcribing on silk, seam in suit vest back to wang ching-wei.Wang jing who summoned Zhou Fohai, TaoXiSheng, Chen Bijun and others to discuss.As MeiSiPing said: "it's really puzzled, also do well, of course is good for your country, maybe, Mr. 
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new balance 996 hombres
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 wang has repeatedly asked him: "can you see the fight, fight?"At the time of beside the staff memories, wang ching-wei when it comes to matter of the Anti-Japanese War, always said "shake head to sigh:" the vast future, do not know may be what appearance!"By wang ching-wei's side, and he takes a similar view of a group of people gradually formed a clique, they include Zhou Fohai, TaoXiSheng, Gao Zongwu, MeiSi equality, they believe the so-called win the final victory of the war of resistance against Japan, is the only "rhetoric".Hu shi is one of the members of the group, once for the advocacy groups "Anti-Japanese War low-key" a name "low-key club".At the end of 1938, hu shi was appointed ambassador to the United States, his job before he said: "war new balance 996 hombres    is a time for good, don't have to master and passed played a time to say again", since then, and "low-key club" from the relationship.Zhou Fohai XiLiuWan in nanjing no. 8 with the basement of a private house, it can be made from the Japanese aircraft bomb shelters, XiLiuWan 8 became the low-key club activities.Zhou Fohai was Chiang kai-shek letter, because of the relationship, and wang ching-wei have deep contradictions.In January 1937, Zhou Fohai kuomintang welcomed home wang ching-wei, through talking for a long time, found each other on the communist party of China and Japan jointly points, to close up slowly.Zhou Fohai later recalled, "Mr. Wang, is completely consistent with us.""So we were virtually to Mr. Wang as the center, making peace movement.""From the battle of Shanghai and nanjing after the fall, the thought of wang ching-wei has changed, he thinks China in economic, military and weapons

are a far cry from what Japan to, more inclined to Japanese and talk."Huang Meizhen taught it special emphasis on, two countries at war, has always been a hawk doveish, wang jing and then put forward "and", "he is not equal to surrender and do the traitors, also is not equal to say wang has had left camp" of the war of resistance against Japan.High and the national anti-japanese atmosphere from all walks of life at that time, the national government also with hawk as the mainstream, wang ching-wei can only will this advice privately to Chiang kai-shek, Chiang was not flatly rejectednew balance 620 mujer through the German ambassador dochterman also in secret talks.On July 22, but see Chiang kai-shek Gao Zongwu letter, according to Zhou Fohai in the sino-japanese incident secrets: I struggle to remember, because the letter with the words of the Japanese government "hope Mr. Wang a horse", jiang after see the letter, "anger with", said the next cut off relations with high, and ordered to hold high the activities of the funds.But Zhou Fohai remains the same every month from the propaganda department of the funds, support Gao Zongwu dial 3000 yuan in Hong Kong to continue to keep in touch with Japan.By now, wang ching-wei Gao Zongwu trip to Japan opened up with Japan "and" gate, and at the same time, Chiang kai-shek, but since then

 abandon the path of "peace".Attributed chief priests Gao Zongwu since it never arrived in wuhan and chongqing, in 1940, Gao Zongwu and TaoXiSheng from wang ching-wei group, the wang ching-wei signed confidential agreement with Japan to get published in Hong Kong "da gong bao, and external controversy.Gao Zongwu later moved to do business in the United States, until his death in 1994.Escape from chongqingJuly 22 day and night, just finished watching Gao Zongwu report, clearly know the Japanese "locking" wang ching-wei got another message: that night, the Japanese invasion of jiujiang to the first line of force wave field team, while the night bayou by boat, the upstream, under the cover of naval reach jiujiang 22 km away in the middle of the night in the day on the gu tong.After Chinese troops fierce war with breakthroughs new balance 574 mujer in lushan north several positions, nine river will fall soon.At this time of the wang ching-wei is facing a situation like this: on the one hand, the Japanese army at the battle of wuhan on the outskirts of advanced, from wuhan footsteps getting closer, was the Chinese Anti-Japanese War ability suspicion of wang ching-wei inside a gloomy.Japan, on the other hand, again through another channel convey some kind of "attractive" information -- 10 days ago, Japan's five ministers meeting formally approved "build a new China government" advice, decided to immediately set out to "use Chinese first-rater";Just finished with Zhou Fohai discuss the Gao Zongwu 
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new balance 420 españa pumpkin
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 old flame, despite heartbreak to the degree of "heavy feeling, tears like rain", by political idea to choose accidentally cut its old standard of MAO zedong still resolutely.Yang Kaihui completely follow MAO zedong in politics, in 1921 joined the communist party and spearhead the struggle of the assistant, nature is chosen for his wife.Today one can imagine, a man like  accustomed to rich life just want to miss of the "saving country through education", can follow MAO zedong to the countryside to get the peasant movement?Would be on jinggangshan sandals, eating red rice rice,new balance 420 españa   pumpkin soup day?Obviously it is difficult to do it.Only women, like Yang Kaihui, He Zizhen can follow MAO zedong experienced the revolutionary struggle and hardship of war.In 2007 hit TV series "and learn the young", to MAO zedong expressed deep sigh with  eventually failed to.According to MAO's recalls how, when the leader into the twilight still expressed early lover, wife, miss.As to her disgust growth, this miss is also increasingly obvious.From the age of MAO zedong in 80 also fix change ", the groom and specifically indicate is, "don't run, in later years he might recall the greatest woe .According to 1975 to 1976 in the side to take care of MAO zedong's Meng Jinyun said in his memoirs, the leader asked her a very sick in bed, his if divorce with her?Because of Chiang ching and the "cultural revolution", of course, inseparable relationship, then can not cancel the "flag" MAO zedong's political position and identity, can through to the early emotional memorial express regret for his later marriage.Today, when we review the techniques, the groom don't friends, the beginning and end of the first word and study its creation, can realize the history of the great man is also a mortal flesh and blood, also

has his desires.People feeling also praised, MAO zedong, after all, was a great revolutionary political pursuit ultimately outweighed the personal feelings.Modern Chinese famous poet LiuYaZi had praise his friends Mao Run: "huaxin beauty jiao, see historic ci total count."The deceased Ruth's husband!MAO zedong and his poetry mates have been successively ChongXiao nine on the soul, he left the posterity of those magnificent poems, however, is still a heart melodies of incentivenew balance 1300 precio  one hundred million endeavour.Our study of MAO zedong's poetry, we can see is the man not god of MAO zedong, at the same time to taste the Chinese civilization brought by the traditional literature artistic enjoyment.As: "the chairman jun by Hong Kong on June 23, secret dongdu, carved safe return to Hong Kong. We would like to record dongdu diary and talks in Tokyo with three personal perception, ChengYue respectively. If possible for jun reference place, or can make free to graft sin in one thousand."On July 22, on the same day, he wrote to Chiang kai-shek Gao Zongwu report together with a letter, through a confidential secretary Mr. Chen, to send to Chiang kai-shek's hand.Chiang kai-shek did not know that wang jing who previously has actually seen the report, asked him with Zhang Qun discuss after three days.Jiang and wang

at this time the identity of the kuomintang respectively first, second, by this time, they are still standing in the anti-japanese camp.In the kuomintang congress in November 1935, wang ching-wei by an assassin shot, then go to Europe healing, "xi 'an incident" after the return to Shanghai.After six months, the Japanese war of aggression against China in an all-round way."Marco Polo bridge incident", wang ching-wei emotions, who says: "for years, the national government disregard with maximum patience, looking forward to the two state-owned sincerely hand in hand one day. The lugouqiao of guns, make China real has been on the brink of the last balance 1500 españa   After this step, the fate of the nation will be in plunder ceased to the depths of forever, so we have to in a consistent determination, perishes the last minute.""The time is near the last moment, therefore, we should have the determination and courage to sacrifice... if we don't, that only make a puppet.""Early Anti-Japanese War, the wang ching-wei or advocated resistance."Fudan university professor of history at the Huang Meizhen evaluation says, is the Chinese army defeat in one after another will come to extreme pessimism made him with disappointment.Li tsung-jen recall, in October 1937, when he visited wang ching-wei,
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