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Sofi SP8 programmer vs. Mini Pro TL866A/TL866CS programmer
Article publi le 08/08/2018

How-to: SOFi SP8-F USB Programmer Remaps Chip tuning a 2004 Volvo XC90 2.4VD, ECU was a BOSCH EDC15C11 which had a 44pin AM29F400BT chip.

We removed the chip, placed it into our chip reader and backed up the cars map file. The file was then adjusted for a power map. We erased the chip then wrote the new modified map file to the chip. Once the chip was wrote we prepared the ECU’s PCB and re-soldered the chip back to the board.




Sofi SP8 programmer vs. Mini Pro TL866A/TL866CS programmer:

Q: SOFI SP8 or TL866CS programmers; which one faster?

I´m in the market to play a bit with this thing of EFI chip reprogramming.  I planned on buying one of this chip reprogrammers and they are affordable and work easily via USB and windows.

My question is which one of these common chip programmers should I buy, which one is faster. Price is very similar and they look very similar externally and in the connections, but I guess there might be a difference. Do you guys know how much time takes one of these bad boys to read an 8Mb dumb? Any notiveable difference in total time between these two?



I have both of them. The SP8 is the choice if you want to have a ready to go Flasher! You should use a Ponoma Clip, because they are fine and much better than the China clips! The TL866CS could be converted to an TL866A. I`ve done this, not a big deal. But the TL866A is hard limited in SPI Flashing! For SPI use the SP8-A/B/F.

The speed of the SP8-A is incredible if the Chip is read in the ZIF Port. Only Seconds for a 16MB Flash Chip. But you know, we like to read SPI, and in this case the TL866A and SP8-A are both not fast.



Mini Pro TL866A/TL866CS Supported chip list

SOFI SP8-F Hi-speed programmer supported chip list

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