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How to get wiTech Micropod2 clone at the best price?
Article publi le 13/09/2018
This is your way to get the best-quality wiTech Micropod 2 clone at a very decent price.

First, Micropod 2 clone quality: confirmed!

Micropod 2 china clone is able to
Work as well as the original from the dealer:
Work with wiTECH software on Windows 7 & 10:
Work with DRB III Emulator software:
Program new keys to Chrysler when all keys are lost:

Second, Micropod 2 reliable source: has been working for auto diagnostic and programming tools for sale for more than 7 years.
The team has real professionals good at dealing with issues with products such as registration, activation and also how-to-use.
Definitely, Amazon or Ebay should be your way to go for purchase online in your daily life. But as for items (esp. electronics) need professional tech support, must be the best solution. Items there comes with expertise, trustworthy and relief.

Here are Micropod 2 china cloned units with diagnostic and programming features confirmed.
Note that there are various factories in China making Micropod 2 but not all for good. You’d better check it’s SP27-C1 and has the board displayed as images uploaded here…

Now, it’s the MOST IMPORTANT!!!
How to get the Micropod 2 at a better price?
Here you go….
Please add Micropod 2 to the shopping cart
Then, use the coupon code: wiTech and applied to make a purchase
The price will drop, from $209 to $194.37. (7% off, around $15 saved)
The unit will be arrived to your end: FREE SHIPPING via DHL for 3-5 days!

Attach images of how to buy Micropod and save a lot….

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